how to choose or take a photo for your pet portrait


As it’s unlikely I’m going to meet your pet choosing a good image for me to use is important.  The felted portraits I create are impressionistic but I still need at least one really good photo of your pet to work from.  You’re looking for an image that’s:

close up

the whole of your pet’s face is in focus

is high resolution

has preferably been taken in natural light that shows a good colour likeness to your pet’s coat and is without over or underexposed areas/shadowing.

but also that you feel best portrays your pet’s personality.   If you’re unsure which to use send me a few photos.  

Or, if you have a photo that doesn't quite fit the above parameters from earlier in your pet’s life or they’re sadly no longer with you please do send me this so we can discuss possibilities.

So, whether you’re planning on taking a new photo or choosing one you already have follow these guidelines:  

Natural light generally makes for the best photos.


over exposure (causing a lack of detail in over bright areas),

harsh sun, this can lead to heavy shadowing,

under exposure (too dark to be able to see detail),

indoor lighting and photos taken at night

Make sure all of your pet’s face is in focus - is not blurry.

View point - eye level works best.

Bear in mind I can only take note of detail that is clear in the photo.

If you are using a mobile or tablet to take your photo move closer to your pet rather than zooming in as on these devices zooming will decrease the resolution of your picture.

Photos taken by a professional photographer can only be used if either, you own the rights to the photo or can provide written permission from the photographer.

Can't choose?  Whether you can or can't please always email me a selection, noting your favourite and we'll go from there.