Heather Fiona Martin is a multi-media artist based in South East London where she lives with her daughter and their three cats.


Heather took to using first her own hair and her then partner's beard hair in her art whilst studying at Goldsmiths, University of London..  During the course of her degree she variously stitched, wove and spun hair into her work.  Interested in memory, the residues of human experience, she likes hair’s richness in historical and cultural symbolism.  Ultimately she finds herself using wool, sheep's hair as one of her main mediums. 

Given a bag of fur – the detritus of caring for “man’s best friend” it seemed fitting to use it in a wet felted “painting” of the owner’s  Bearded Collie.  Not only a great testament to the wonderful bond between him and his beloved pet but also to the power pets have to bring warmth, literal and metaphorical to their owners.  Purr & Wag It was borne.

As well as creating her wonderful felt paintings and her own practice Heather also works as a community artist in schools and neighbourhoods across Greater London - see  www.heatherfionamartin.com for her personal practice and eductional/collaborative work.

At "rest", she's most likely to be found mooching with friends, in a gallery, cycling somewhere, in her garden, looking after friends dogs, Tui (Bearded Collie) and Topper or baking.